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About the Artist

Mandy Crossbow (actual surname Armbrüster) is a German traditional artist creating oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings and illustrations. Her preferred subject matter of choice are female portraits often mixed with surreal elements.

Mandy started drawing female portraits already at her early young age using cover models of magazine as reference. Mostly chasing a realistic work, even found her joy and interest in hyperrealism. Later when she discoverd the surreal art genre, she found her passion for fantasy and surreal art. Now building her portfolio and exhibits internationally.

Social Media

Mandy Crossbow is active on several social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.
In addition she is also very present on her Patreon page where she constantly shares her process of creating.

On Instagram, Mandy is part of an Art Collective Group for surreal artists where art auctions are held every quarter of a year.